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Confecciones de Punta (C.D.P.) is a company dedicated to manufacture casual clothing, with over 30 years of experience in the segment. We are mainly specialized to work with twill fabric but we also have manufactured other kinds. Quality and delivery on time were the attributes that C.D.P. distinguish from others. It allows the company in 1994 to begin exports to United States. We have important brands as clients, satisfying their needs by delivering top quality products and always on time.

We currently have a production capacity of 35,000 garment weekly.

Design and Technology
The Process

The Company


At the beginning, the founders of company, used to sell workers uniforms to several domestic companies in Mexico Country. They got those uniforms from different suppliers. As soon as the number of clients was increasing, they decided to create a new company (CDP) in order to meet the quality and delivery times that the market demanded.


We are a company dedicated to making clothes for lady, junior, girl, knight, uniforms and apparel for industrial type, which provided for the convenience of our customers nationwide and internationally, working with speed, quality and safety in our lines.


We want to become an effective and organized team within the garment industry, developing a high level of quality through technology and labor, providing satisfaction to our customers and the national and international market, taking a motivating and friendly atmosphere in our plants and administrative offices.

we proudly have the following certifications:
1. Design, Cut and Stroke

Development sketch, pattern making and grading of the garment. Inventory and analysis of the material to be cut is tender and done. Folear and banding for the next process.

2. Assembly

It is where the machine operator sewing the parts assembled garments are deshebra and retry.

3. Quality Audits

The overall appearance of the garment is inspected, making sure that it has no defect. With these audits we ensure that the final product is of impeccable quality.

4. Iron and Reviewed

To perform a sample of ironing the garment to see the behavior of the same is done, then proceed to iron it.

5. Finish

The purpose of this part of the manufacturing process is obtain the desired aesthetic product.

6. Printing and Embroidery

Process through which the product name or brand logo either through print or embroidery, according to customer requirements is incorporated.

7. Packing

The garment to the different stores is selected, separated by size and packed depending on customer specification.

8. Shipping

It's where the garment to its final destination moves, respecting the agreed time with our customers.

C.D.P. is one of the first companies to enter the international market, exporting since 1994 most of our production. The experiences we have had to date, give us confidence to guarantee our services.

6 Poniente 2713
Col. Amor
Puebla, Pue
(62 miles away from Mexico City)

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